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Summer Days BBQ Gift

Gift Number: FG04733

Ready your grill, smoker or frying pan to celebrate America's independence with those you love. Your guests will be delighted with the creative and fresh blends of small batch artisanal seasoning mixes. Impress your taste buds with juicy Baja shrimp, tomato basil turkey burgers and classic crispy smash patty steakhouse burgers.


Contents: Lauren's Strawberry Lemonade (1oz), Urban Accents Baja Shrimp Seasoning Mix (2oz), Urban Accents Herby Mediterranean Tomato Basil Turkey Burger Mix (1oz), Urban Accents Classic Steakhouse Crispy Smash Patty Burger Mix (1oz), Alder Creek Peanut Brittle (4oz), Plates, Napkins

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