Barbecue Ready Cutting Board

Gift Number: FG03767
We know one thing to be true, everything goes better with barbeque! In this gift basket we have provided snacks and Dads Root beer to hold you over until the barbecue is done cookin'! Also included is a reusable wooden cutting board, and a stainless steel cheese knife! This is the type of gift set that keeps on giving.

BBQ Ready Cutting Board Includes:
(2) Dad's Root beer
(1) Urban Accents Vermont Grill Dry glaze
(1) Urban Accents Athenian Herb Dry glaze
(1) Olli Salumeria Genoa Mild Salami 1.5 oz
(1) Sourdough Rounds 1.5 oz
(1) Dolcetto Vanilla Wafers 6.3
(1) Fruit & Nut Mix 1.5oz
(1) Cracked Pepper & Herb Crackers
(1) Famous Salmon Rub
(1) Jack Allen Brie Cheese
(1) Woeber's Dijon Mustard 4.25oz
(1) Reusable Cutting Board
(1) Reusable stainless steel Cheese knife