Have a Cool Summer

Gift Number: FG03937

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Spend a sunny Day enjoying the magnificent treasures this Gift basket has to offer. Summer is here, and No summer is complete without a glass of Delicious home made Iced Tea, that’s why we made sure to include just that! Not only did we add flavorful treats to enjoy with your Iced Tea with, we also added an extra Mason Jar jug a friend! Bask in the flavors of Tuscan Crackers, Tazo Iced Tea, Welch's Flavorful fruit Gummies and more!
Cracked Pepper & Herb Cracker 6oz,
Farmers Market Galvanized Metal Container,
  • Blue Mason Mug w/ Straw (2),
  • Fruit & Nut Mix Blue 1.5oz,
  • McSteven's Keylime,
  • keylime Cookies 2.0oz,
  • JA Chocolate Eclairs1.5oz,
  • Welch'sBerriesFruitSnack2.25oz,
  • Tazo Iced Tea Collection (2),
  • JA R&S Pistachios Blue 1.9oz