Margarita Madness

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Enjoy a hand crafted Margarita! Our Margarita Madness basket is packed with all the necessities for a signature handcrafted drink. Just add your favorite Tequila!

Contents: Demitri's All-Natural Pomegranate Pineapple & Lime Rimshot 4oz., Dukes Chorizo & Lime Smoked Shorty Sausages 1.25oz, Urban Accents Cayman Citrus Heat Dry Glaze 2oz., Tuscan Cracked Pepper Crackers 6oz., Alder Creek Farms Dried Fruit & Nut Mix 1.5oz, Jack Allen Tuscan Style Bruschetta Mix 2oz, Cutting Board, Jack Allen Brie Cheese Spread 3.5oz, Double Handle Wicker and Straw Basket