Movie Night Extravaganza

Gift Number: FG03792
We have taken our staple movie night and made it our new Deluxe Movie Night.
We have included a large assortments to enjoy with your favorite movie.
Bring out this gift basket, pop in your favorite movie and ENJOY.

The Large Movie Night Gift Includes: Fun Dip 0.43 oz,
M&M Original 1.69oz,
Mike & Ike Holiday Box 5oz,
M&M's Peanut Candies 1.74oz,
Peeps 3ct Green Trees 3.38oz,
Skittles Sour Candies 3.6oz Box,
Dots Everyday Candy Theatre Box,
Tom Clark's Popcorn 3oz,
JA Chocolate Chip 2 oz.,
Airheads Assorted .55 oz,
Old Dominion Peanut Brittle Boxed 6oz