Sutter Buttes Globe Trotter Spice Tin

Gift Number: FG05211

Curated by Sutter Buttes team of experience travelers, this gift tin brings together nine cultures, people, and spices from all over the world. Introduce your taste buds to new flavors with Jamaican jerk rub, Italian Tuscan herbs, Chinese 5 Spice, and more! It makes the perfect gift for any traveler at heart. When you or your loved one can’t take that trip you have been planning for months there is no reason you can’t still send your taste buds on the journey of a lifetime.


Contents: Sutter Buttes Mexican Chili Lime Seasoning  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes Pacific Seafood Rub  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes Chinese 5 Spice  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes Louisiana Cajun Rub  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes French Herbed Poultry Rub  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes Italian Tuscan Herbs  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes Indian Garam Masala  (2oz.), Sutter Buttes Jamaican Jerk Rub  (2oz.),  Sutter Buttes Moroccan Tagine Spices  (2oz.)