Margarita Madness

Gift Number: FG05310

Have a sub-lime day in the sun with a delicious, zesty, refreshing margarita. This gift has everything you need for a poolside backyard brunch or a day at the beach, just add your favorite tequila. Enjoy lime margarita mix, lime rimming salt, lime juice, Herdez salsa, pork rinds and much more! 


Contents: Herdez Salsa Casera 16oz., Twang-a-Rita Lime Rimming Salt 4oz., Lime Juice 118ml., Feridies 5 o'clock Crunch Honey Cheddar Snack Mix 2.5oz., Margaritaville Lime Margarita Mix 1L, Sonoma Creamery Pork Rind Cheddar Cheese Crisps 2.4oz., Janis & Melanie Jalapeno Cheese Straws 2.5oz., Margarita Bar Towel