Rufus Teague Smoke-Roasted Coffee Variety 4-Pack

Gift Number: DS2017

Stock up on FOUR flavors of delicious Smoke-Roasted coffee. That's a lot of java to get you up and going each and every day. You'll get one bag each of PITMASTER BLEND,  WHISKEY MAPLE, SPICED CHERRY and SMOKY APPLE.  That's a lot of flavor, so get ready to brew up a pot, kick back and know what you're drinking is coffee, just better.  Use 2 Tbsp. per 6 oz of water = 1 dang good cup of joe!


Contents: Four (12oz) packages of Rufus Teague Smoke-Roasted Coffee. Includes Pitmaster Blend, Whiskey Maple, Smoky Apple and Spiced Cherry. 100% Arabica beans and medium grind