Rufus Teague Sugar-Free BBQ 3-pack Gift Tote

Gift Number: DS2020

Give someone the gift of Rufus - SUGAR FREE SAUCES! All nice and purdy in this cool little box. Our Sugar Free Saucin' & Rubbin' Gift Tote includes: One Slim N' Sweet, One Smoke 'N Chipotle and One Meat Rub. Aren't you the nice one giving out something so special.

Three piece gift pack for those who want big BBQ flavor without all the sugar. Kit includes Sugar-Free Slim N' Sweet and Smoke 'N Chipotle BBQ sauces (12.25oz). Plus comes with Rufus Teague's world famous Meat Rub(6.5oz). Sauces are made with all-natural Stevia so you can feel good about eating good.